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Tongue Tie Support

We've got you covered!

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I think my baby may have a tongue or lip tie. How can you help?

The short answer is, in lots of ways!

The IBCLCs with East Tennessee Lactation not only have a ton of experience working with babies with oral-functional issues (including ties), we also commit ourselves to continued learning, including attending conferences, working with release providers and other members of the support team, and identifying what works in practice with the babies we see. All of our IBCLCs have taken advanced training on oral function. What this means for you is that you will receive the absolute best knowledge and care around when it comes to supporting your baby with feeding.

What should I do first?


During an appointment with one of the IBCLCs with East Tennessee Lactation, we will do several things, including:

Take an in-depth history of both you and your baby.
Talk about your goals for feeding.
Listen to your concerns and questions.

Perform an oral-functional assessment with your baby.

Create a feeding plan that works for the two of you, including steps to get your baby truly feeding well.

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What about a referral to release the lip/cheek/tongue ties?

Yes, we do that too! Before we send your baby for a diagnosis from a release provider, we always complete our oral assessment first. We may also begin exercises and movements that can improve feeding. This is super important to do BEFORE a release so that your baby has the best opportunity for great function following the release. Don't worry - we'll explain the process every step of the way!

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