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Breastfeeding Class

Do we offer breastfeeding education? Yes! Yes we do!

What goes on during a breastfeeding class?

You get to:

  • Hang out with other moms and dads

  • Learn about breastmilk production

  • Learn about different ways to latch your baby

  • Talk about what breastfeeding looks like in the early weeks

  • Know the signs your baby is getting enough milk

  • Know when to ask for help

  • Learn the signs and risk factors for low supply

  • Learn to breastfeed without nipple pain

  • Talk about pumps and bottles

  • Learn infant feeding cues

  • Find ways that your partner can helpand

  • ASK ANY QUESTIONS YOU HAVE when it comes to feeding your baby.


How do I reserve my spot? 

Easy! Head over here, or use the link to schedule!

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We love prenatals!

Mandy and Rachel absolutely LOVE seeing mothers before their babies are born. They want to get to know you and understand your plans for feeding your baby. They're also a phone call away the moment you need support. 

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See what moms are saying!

"Rachel is AMAZING! Seen her for a prenatal consult and she made me feel so much better. Can’t wait to continue this journey with her once baby boy is here!"

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