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Did you know that IBCLCs can help with bottle-feeding? It's true! We're the experts when it comes to infant feeding, and that includes bottle-feeding your baby.

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Have you been breastfeeding, and now your baby won't take a bottle?

Maybe your baby is a messy eater?

Does your bottle-fed baby have reflux or colic symptoms? 

We can totally help with that!

Rachel and Mandy have the experience you need to help your baby with bottle-feeding, including:

A special interest in supporting babies with bottle-refusal.

Choosing the right bottle for your baby.

Understanding how much breastmilk or formula your baby may need.

Ideal positioning for your baby when bottle-feeding.

Educating care-givers about bottle-feeding the breastfed baby.

Navigating reflux or colic with bottle-fed babies.

And more!

Whether your baby is eating breastmilk or formula, we can help. 

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IBCLC Rachel


See what moms are saying!

"Absolutely imperative to have a competant team encourage you to breastfeed. You will find that through East TN Lactation."

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