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Think your baby may have a tongue or lip tie? You've come to the right place!

The IBCLCs with East Tennessee Lactation not only have extensive experience working with babies with oral-functional issues (including ties), we also commit ourselves to continued learning, including attending conferences, working with release providers and other members of the support team, and identifying what works in practice with the babies we see. 


What does this mean for you?

When we work with babies with tongue, lip, and buccal ties, we make sure that both mom and baby are prepared for the road ahead. We don't simply refer out for a release. We make sure your baby is prepared and that you know exactly what to expect for your baby and your feeding relationship. We take a lot of time to answer any questions you may have (our visits often run 60-90 minutes). We want you to feel confident with your plan of care. 

Following your visit, you will receive a detailed care plan to address your baby's oral-functional issues. You will also have access to a secure messaging portal where you can ask questions along the way.


You get to ask the questions you want. We have an extensive list of providers who can help your baby. We aren't tied to one particular release provider or bodyworker. This is important to us - we want you as the family to know you will get unbiased support and referrals for the team that can best support you and your baby. 

We work with you and your baby before and after release. We often see families who were sent for a release without preparation and without follow-up care. They come to us because the release didn't fix the issue they were experiencing. A release is just a piece of the puzzle and can provide baby with the opportunity to move, but babies often need exercises and continued to support to make sure the can truly feed well following a release. We can help.

Want to know more about what to expect with a tie release? Head over here.

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