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Return to Work Consults

Return to Work consults last between 60-90 minutes and may be covered by insurance.

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Returning to work or school after childbirth can feel heavy and sometimes confusing. We're here to help you confidently feed your baby while you find your new groove.

During a back-to-work or school consult, we will talk about everything you want to know when it comes to breastfeeding, pumping, and bottle-feeding. We will discuss your working and pumping situation, including what kind of pump you might need, finding the correct flange fit, and the right pumping routine for your needs.

We will also talk about your baby - how to help your baby have a happy transition with their new care provider, bottle-feeding (and the right bottle and nipple for your baby), how much they need to eat, and more.

We'll also go over breastmilk storage guidelines and all of the tips and tricks that can make working, pumping, and bottle-feeding absolutely workable for you and your family.

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