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Pumping and Bottle Feeding

Need pumping support? We've got you covered!

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Sometimes breastfeeding your baby includes pumping and offering a bottle. We're here to help with that. Additionally, we offer bottle-feeding/infant-feeding consults for babies who are breastmilk or formula-fed. Feeding can be hard, and we can help with that too.

Pumping and bottle-feeding are a part of breastfeeding for a lot of moms. Whether or not you are preparing for a return to work, will be introducing a bottle, or have decided to exclusively pump, we can help. 

During these consults, we will work with you to make a feeding and pumping plan. We will talk about the pumps on the market and your specific pumping needs, correct flange sizing, pumping plans, and the right bottle for feeding your baby.

If your baby is already having trouble while taking the bottle (trouble with feeding, fussy feedings, a "colicky" baby, etc), we can help. 

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