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Babies (Yes! - Even Breastfed Babies) Need to Poop!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Confused about your baby's poop? You've come to the right place!

Before we begin, never, EVAR apologize to your lactation consultant about the poop question/poop pic you're about to send. We talk poop. All day everyday. You're good.

I am so confused about my baby's poop! Why is it liquid? Is it diarrhea? Is it OK if my baby goes a week between poops?

First, hey - no. Let's not make our babies go one week between poops. Can this be common? Yes. Should it be the norm? Nope.

Did you know that babies (yes, even breastfed babies) need to poop? It’s true! -Your lactation consultant loves when your baby is peeing and pooping well, especially in the early days.

Pees are great because they tell us your baby is hydrated.

Poops are great because they are one sign that your baby is getting the fat and calories she needs to grow well. We pay close attention to poops ESPECIALLY in the early days and weeks because they are a pretty good indicator of how well feeding is going.

How much poop should your baby have?

When your baby is newly born, she should have at least one stool per day of life until your milk supply increases in volume, usually around day three or four. Then, she should have AT LEAST 3 - 4 stools per 24 hours. These stools should become lighter in color, and while your baby is exclusively fed breastmilk, her stools will remain loose (and sometimes seedy looking) and yellow.

What if your brand new baby is NOT pooping well?

Get help! When you recognize something may not be going well early on, it’s usually easier to get support in fixing the issue so that it does not become a problem for either you or your baby. Have more questions? We can help!

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