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Pumping consults!

Pumping for your baby? Confused about flange fit? We've got you covered!

Flange size have you confused?

We can help with that!

East Tennessee Lactation offers 100% covered pumping consults with an IBCLC! We offer in-home, in-office, and telehealth flange fit consults.

flange size (1).png
flange fit breast pump.png
flange fit breast pump.png

Pumping isn't always easy...

If you will be pumping for your baby and are concerned about:

  • supply

  • nipple or breast pain

  • clogged ducts

  • flange fit

  • choosing a breast pump

  • using a breast pump

  • breastmilk storage

  • choosing a bottle

  • bottle-feeding your baby

  • or more!

We can help with that!

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