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How can an IBCLC help me?

Our goal at East Tennessee Lactation is to help you succeed in feeding your baby, not matter what obstacle you may be facing. Our IBCLCs can help you solve your questions about feeding your baby, including:

  • How do I latch my baby?

  • Breastfeeding HURTS. How can I fix that?

  • I think I have low supply. How do I know?

  • How do I increase my milk supply?

  • My baby isn't gaining enough weight. What do I do?

  • When do I start pumping? Do I need to pump at all?

  • How do I know if my flange fit is right?

  • I started off formula feeding, but now I want to breastfeed. Is it too late?

  • My supply is too heavy for my baby. How can I fix that?

  • I'm afraid my breasts and/or nipples aren't built right for breastfeeding.

  • I am engorged, and it HURTS! How do I fix that?

  • I think I have mastitis. What do I do?

  • I think my baby may have a tongue or lip tie. What do I do?

  • I have been giving my baby formula. How can I get back to just breastmilk?

  • How do I introduce a bottle? How do I bottle feed?

  • I'm going back to school/work. What do I do about breastfeeding?

  • I am having twins/triplets. Now what?! Can breastfeeding work?

  • I'm ready to wean. How do I do that?

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